Meet Elizabeth

I love London. The city has shaped my life and my family's life. Our neighbourhood is more than a physical location. It's where we build relationships, find common ground, and face our challenges together, as a community. When I watch my children skating at Earl Nichols Arena, or swimming at the South London Community pool, I look around and see parents and caregivers, all working to provide the same thing for their kids, community. I know that it is our shared strength that makes our city and our neighbourhoods great, and I want to help make them even stronger.


I know from experience that shared strength is important. When my daughter was born premature, a community of caring volunteers at Ronald McDonald House helped my family face that challenge.  The people of this community are hardworking and kind, and they deserve leaders that can deliver solutions to the challenges of a growing city. Leaders that are not here for just one election or for only one issue but here for the long haul.


There will be serious challenges that will need our combined efforts to face in the coming years. We need roads and pathways that help us move through our daily lives. We need adequate essential services to keep us healthy and safe. We need to spend our money wisely, to get the most value for every dollar. 


I hear these concerns when I talk with my neighbours and my community in Ward 12. I want to help and that's why I'm running for City Council. I look forward to the privilege of meeting with you at your door or at your convenience to listen to your ideas and concerns.


Sincerely, your neighbour


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Oct 01, 2018

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