"I've worked with her and observed her interests and growing involvement as she took on various responsibilities that helped to improve the quality of life for others.

With this knowledge of her taking on community responsibilities and initiatives willingly and confidently, I happily endorse and fully support her candidacy for City Council for Ward 12 for the 2018 – 2022 Term.” Read more...

Harold Usher, P.Eng., DTM

City Councillor - Ward 12 (London, Ontario, CANADA)




"Her work for the South London Community Centre Canada Day celebration event is proof of her ability to work very hard, follow through and achieve important results for her community. 

These are the qualities of a strong and dependable City Counsellor. I support Elizabeth’s candidacy in Ward 12." Read more...

Irene Mathyssen, MP






“I’ve known Elizabeth through cycling advocacy, community building, environmental and social causes.

She aids her community by ensuring concerns are heard, amplified and resolved. I have no doubt that once elected Elizabeth will be accessible and working tirelessly to bring results to her constituents.”

Gosse Van Oosten

Founder, Community Council of White Oaks


I am very happy to have earned the endorsement of the Labour Council.  As someone who grew up in a working class class family I understand the importance of stable secure employment paying a fair living wage in our community

London and District Labour Council


"City council work is so much more that one or two issues and having an agenda.  It's about representing the people of your ward and understanding their needs and concerns.

That's why I would support Elizabeth Peloza for ward 12 on London City Council" Read More...

Andrew Hunniford

Chair, Cleardale-Highland Community Association


"The South London community has benefited from Elizabeth’s assistance with Canada Day. She has brought project management, event planning, networking resources and financial support to the committee. Elizabeth also advocated for a land acknowledgment during our opening ceremony which was granted and a first in the event's 20 year history. I know Elizabeth will bring the same dedication, work ethic and forward thinking to City Hall." Read More...

Nancy Wister

Ward 12 Resident & South London Canada Day Committee



"I have known Elizabeth for a number of years.  She has always been a dedicated and principled individual and is willing to speak up for others who struggle to have a voice in government.  I admire her tenacity, and believe that she will be a wonderful representative on city council to all the diverse communities that call Ward 12 home.  I am ecstatic to be able to endorse her for the job for Ward 12 City Councilor." Read More...

Ed Corrigan

Immigration and Citizenship Lawyer



"Elizabeth represents the best of what London has to offer. She is deeply committed to London, its citizens, communities, neighbourhoods and green spaces. I know she has been actively involved with the Scouting movement, coaching, her neighbourhood community association, among many other local activities. I do not doubt that she has ‘what it takes’ to be a great London city councilor. For these reasons, I fully support Elizabeth Peloza’s candidacy for city councilor of Ward 12."  Read More...

Dr. Marianne Larsen, MA, PhD

Faculty of Education - Western University



"I have witnessed her leadership skills, her profound commitment to social justice and her dedication to giving a voice to the vulnerable and marginalized members of our community. She is a strong voice for equality, inclusion and mutual respect throughout the community.

Residents of Ward 12 will be well-served with Elizabeth as their voice on London City Council.

I cannot recommend her enough."

Dimitri Lascaris

Human Rights Lawyer, Activist, Journalist



"As a team player Elizabeth considers the opinions of others and respects different perspectives from her own. She asks questions to understand before reaching a conclusion.

She gives unstintingly of herself to those who need and stands up for what is just.

The City of London will be well served having Elizabeth on its Council."  Read More...

Jennifer Pfenning

Co-owner Pfennings Organic Farm



"For as long as I’ve known Elizabeth, she has been supportive, always willing to do more than has been asked and open to help in any capacity.

She is warm, approachable, yet authoritative manner about her, which in my opinion, makes a balance in her obligation to her community.

I am proud to work with her and show our support as she pursues a career in politics." Read more...

William Bolton
Senior Trainer, Advance Tactical Training Search & Rescue


"The best way I can be proactive in building the type of world I want to see is to support people who are willing to step up and who share my vision for a respectful, inclusive, and environmentally aware world.

I see a willingness and tenacity worth supporting.

These are the reasons why I encourage you to vote for Elizabeth Peloza as your Ward 12 Councillor." Read more...

Louise Hollingsworth

London Ontario Resident