Neighbourhood Decision Making Program

Neighbourhood Decision Making Program

Do you have an idea that would make your neighbourhood better?

The city of London is again accepting proposals till May 22nd for the Neighbourhood Decision Making (NDM) program.  If you’re idea would be located on public property and cost $50,000 or less here is your chance to have your idea become reality!

2017 was the inaugural year for the Neighbourhood Decision Making program. The program invested $250,000 into different neighbourhoods in London which each of five general areas granted $50,000.  This program brought projects as diverse as outdoor skating rinks, a ninja warrior course, outdoor education and enhancements to South London Canada Day celebration to fruition.

All ideas are put forward by local residents, and residents of any age can participate. Brainstorm what you would change, then go on-line to develop your idea and submit it. Come June 16th, proposals will be voted on in-person at Julna Library, other city libraries and on-line. At the close of the day votes will be tabulated then the winning proposals will be announced an implemented in 2019!

As a Neighbourhood Decision Making Engagement Committee Member for Southwest London in the inaugural year I saw this program spark many conversations among neighbours about their community. It was great seeing children be excited about parks, outdoor education and exercise.  They were also thrilled by voting for the first time! 

This is a powerful program and gives residents of London a direct and impactful voice in how our neighbourhoods can be made better. 

I’m excited to serve on the committee again this year.  I look forward to seeing what ideas residents will bring forward.  

So, start brainstorming and visit as you only have until May 22 to submit your ideas.