We can't assume a trickle-down to those most in need. Affordable housing and food security can transform the lives of struggling citizens, giving them a chance to build better lives and contribute to our great city.

1) Inclusionary zoning in mid and high density new developments to help ensure an increase in affordable housing stock

2) Working with governements of all levels to close the investment gap in London's social housing stock. This includes investments in retro fitting buildings for energy efficiency to reduce operation costs.

3) Stable and adequate funding for a Mobile Mental Health Crisis response unit that combines mental health professionals and police officers when required.

4) Build and promote publicaly accessible community orchards in some of our parks and neighbourhoods to make seasonal healtly food accessible

5) Ensure livable wages are paid to municipal employees.

6) Offer a weekend family bus pass.

7) Stable long term funding for safe consumption sites. Advocate for adequate government funding of rehabilitation facilities to reduce current long wait times.