Transit that Works

I support enhancements to London Transit that will make it work for all Londoners. Our transit needs to be fast, frequent, reliable, and affordable. Great transit is the key to keeping our city moving. To see my full transit platform click here.

Safe Communities

Londoners deserve to feel safe in their community. I will fight for smart crime reduction efforts, safe bike routes in our neighbourhoods, needle-free parks, and safe places for our children to play.

Diversity and Inclusion

London is a diverse community rich is culture and all groups should have an equal voice. I promise to consider inclusiveness in every decision I make, so as to promote diversity and strengthen relations with the indigenous community.

No One Left Behind

We can't assume a trickle-down to those most in need. Affordable housing and food security can transform the lives of struggling citizens, giving them a chance to build better lives and contribute to our great city.

Waste Diversion

We all agree that we need less waste. I will push for a green bin program to reduce the growth of our landfill, more waste diversion strategies, and a garbage collection schedule that makes sense.