Londoners deserve to feel safe in their community. I will fight for smart crime reduction efforts, safe bike routes in our neighbourhoods, needle-free parks, and safe places for our children to play.

As your Ward 12 councillor I will advocate for solutions that make our neighbourhoods safer.

1) Use all speed reduction tools available to address drivers using our neighbourhoods as short cuts including reduced speed limits, traffic calming road features, strategic stop signs, and road design that encourages slower speeds

2) Adequate lighting along trails in our parks 

3) Completing the missing links in our trail network, creating safe friendly routes though our community for everyone

4) Sharps disposal boxes in public areas including parks where needle use is reported 

5) Additional police presence along Bradley Ave. at night where dangerous street racing is a regular occurence 

6) Support for community associations and neigbourhood watch programs to identify high risk areas of petty crime, and tools to better report and alert residents of potential local concerns

7) More teen friendly park facilities like basketball courts, study areas, and free wifi so that our youth have more options to be active and engaged in activities