Transit That Works needs to be Transit For Everyone.  For our youth that rely on walking, cycling and public transit to get around, for our seniors that lack the mobility they once enjoyed, for those that want to the choice to travel actively but require a safe way to do it, and benefiting those who have to drive because of their busy lives.   

As your Ward 12 Councillor I will advocate for:

1) Updating London's snow removal policy so that our side streets get clear faster and our sidewalk are usable all winter long

2) Building cycling infrastructure that is safe for users of all levels, well lit, and cleared of snow in the winter

3) The use of Smart Traffic Technology so that our lights are timed and adjusted to traffic flow to keep traffic moving

4) Improvements to existing LTC that make it more customer minded including; increased service hours, improved routing, more fare options and improvements to access

5) A multi-use trail running parallel to Wellington Road that will connect Bradley Avenue to Baseline Road and will be able to be connected to the Thames Valley Parkway network in the future

6) Streetscape enhancements in high pedestrian areas and connecting the missing links in our sidewalk network to make our streets safer for those on foot

7) Upgrades to the backbone of our bus system along our busiest routes so that public transit can move around traffic instead of being part of traffic

8) Addition of a park-and-ride facility at the 401 and Wellington road to give those coming into London better transporation options, and those leaving London a safe place to meet and park their car

9) Return of paratransit to the LTC for management and operation with guidelines that set better levels of service expectations for those with mobility challenges 

10) Support in principal to Smart Moves 2030 Transportation Master Plan, with a willingness to listen and adjust as the realities of London change